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About Us

Our Story

Pilsudski LLC is dedicated to high quality, great tasting condiments and food products. Based in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Pilsudski management have been working in the food industry for more than 20 years.  Since the current owner, Mike Marcinko (pictured below) took over in 2015 Pilsudski LLC has grown from just 2 items to now 8 including 6 mustards, hot horseradish and now bloody mary mix.

The Pilsudski Polish Style Mustard with Horseradish is crafted based on a homemade recipe that hasn't been changed in over 40 years! The fresh ground hot horseradish and premium mustard seed combine to offer a great, balanced flavor and a refreshing amount of heat known as the Pilsudski Punch.

Betty's Hot Horseradish has been a great addition to Pilsudski LLC. Since Betty is the great grandmother of the owner of Pilsudksi LLC we felt that we needed to keep her famous horseradish in production. Betty's horseradish is also used in the Pilsudski Mustard with horseradish and both recipes have not changed since the late 1970's.

We hope you enjoy all of our Pilsudski Mustards and Betty's Horseradish. We are constantly striving to improve the customer's experience with our products, online store and service. As such, we appreciate any feedback. We look forward to bringing more new products to our quickly growing customer base. The Pilsudski Team


Our Owner

Mike Marcinko, Owner / Founder
Born and raised in Shillington Pennsylvania, Mike grew up being around the food industry by helping out at his family's food distribution/manufactuing company.  He started out by helping in the kitchen as a kid and then fast forward 25 years to becoming the GM & Head of Purchasing in the family business.  In 2015 Mike decided to form his own company called Pilsudski LLC which focused on his great grandmothers recipe of specialty mustard and hot horseradish.   Pilsudski LLC grew rapidly starting with only one flavor of mustard and less than 50 local customers to now 6 flavors of mustard, hot horseradish and spicy bloody mary mix distributed now to over 500 locations nation wide.  The sky is the limit and we can't wait to show our loyal customers what new items will be next.

Our Family

Mike's kids Taylor, Brooke and Trey are the up and coming stars at Pilsudski Mustard Co. and will continue to keep our brand out there for many years to come.    

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